6 Ways To Use A Small Marquee

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If you are considering whether or not you should rent a small marquee, or a bigger one, I would say that it all depends on the occasion you plan to use it for.  Depending on the on your intentions and what you plan to do with this rented to marquee, can give you a better insight whether or not to you should in fact rent it.  There are number of ways in which people use small marquees, but in the six seem to be the most common and usual ways people use small marquees.

Usually, people rent marquees for the following purposes:

  1. As Festival Stalls

Small marquees are usually used as festival stands.  Considering their weight it’s not even the hearts to imagine why.  Small marquees are very user friendly.  They can be put up in short time and it requires little effort to install them.  Furthermore they are very light, but today are also very stable.  They will protect you from the rain, and they often have windows, someday even look pretty decent and are often used at different kinds of festivals.


  1. Garage Sale

You can rent a small marquee if you are planning a garage sale.  This will help you protect your things from the rain, and any potential weather.  Also, it is very easy for you to rent a small marquee, put it up in your garden, and then once the garage sale is over, you will be able to remove it just as easily.

  1. Smaller Gatherings and Parties

Furthermore, people often rent small marquees for smaller gatherings and parties.  Especially if the weather is nice, you don’t need are huge marquee to put all your guests in it, you can just rent chairs and use marquees as food stands.

  1. Information Stall

Also in marquees are rented to be used as information stalls.  As we all now, when it comes to festivals and different kind of occasions, information stalls are used only for a brief period of time, therefore they should be easily put up, but also easily removed.  This is precisely why smaller marquees are ideal for such purposes.  Furthermore, you can transport them to any place, quickly put them up and quickly remove them.


  1. Concert

Smaller marquees are an ideal place if you want to put a band in it.  If you want to throw a party, or make a romantic evening, rent a smaller marquee and consider placing a string quartet in it to play.  The marquee will make your evening pretty amazing!


  1. Think Of The Possibilities!

I love smaller marquees because not only they are very lightweight and easily transported to even to the remote of places, but they are also so small and they can be put just about anywhere.  A small are marquee can be placed on the top of the building, somewhere in the fields, in the nature, or it even on a yacht – basically, what I’m saying it is, that renting a smaller marquee gives you a range of options and possibilities.

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The 4 Important C’s to Consider for Your Chair Hire in London

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creative events

Are you currently on the lookout for the best chair hire in London? With so many of them scattered all over the place, you can never know which one to trust for your special event. Thus, you need to do your homework— in other words, research!

To make things easier for you, start with these factors you ought to take into account when shopping for a great chair hire London organizers and individuals will love…


Naturally, you would want your chairs to have class or elegance. Even if you go for just the simple or basic type, good quality is valuable so that you can ensure durability, endurance, and comfort. These are all important in making a good impression and allowing guests to focus on the event and have a positive experience.


Always, always check the collection of each chair hire in London that you will consider. Do they have enough variety of chairs and chair covers to go with the different types? Are there many colors and styles to choose from to suit your motif and theme? You can often explore these via the company websites and advertisements, and especially when you go and visit the rental providers.


As mentioned above, comfort is part of class. What’s appearance for if those who will be using the chairs don’t feel comfortable or at ease all throughout? Indeed, the best way to check this is to ask for samples and try them out yourself. It’s especially important for events that stretch for long hours.


Perhaps this consideration is the least that people pay attention to. When you find that excellent chair hire London event places and organizers rave about, chances are this supplier is also creative. When they can give you unique, beautiful arrangements of chairs and covers, that will make them stand out. Moreover, it can make your event become more memorable. It also takes away a portion of your own effort.

When shopping for an amazing chair hire in London, always keep these 4 C’s in mind!

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Catering Hire: Questions to Ask Before You Hire

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You have an event coming up and you have to hire a caterer; should you go with the first catering company that you come across or is it important to choose carefully? All caterers, after all, provide food. While that is true, not all caterers provide great food and if you don’t choose carefully, your experience with your caterer can be very stressful. Before you even consider hiring any caterer, make sure to ask the following questions:

•    Who am I meeting with?

Event catering companies have many departments so it is important for you to know who your point person is. Is it the caterer themselves, an assistant or someone else in the company? As much as possible it is always best to meet the caterer themselves. Find out whom you will be working with and make a point of meeting them; see whether you like them and if you are able to communicate with them.

•    How will the event be run?

It is very important that you know ahead of time how your event will be conducted. You want to fit the catering in with everything else so get a program from the caterer – what time will they arrive, where do they want to set up, what will the service be like and so on. If you want to change anything on the caterer’s plans you should let them know well in advance.

•    What extras can you provide for a fee and which ones are free?

There are many services that caterers provide for free – they could offer to give you a few complementary desserts for example. Find out if this kind of thing is available and make the most of it. In addition to that, there are services other than catering that they provide for a fee. Some caterers, for example, are happy to deliver and serve drinks if you pay them for it. Getting everything done by the same person means less planning for you.

•    Where do your ingredients come from?

You want a caterer who gets most of his or her ingredients locally. This means that they are fresh and that they change their menus according to what is available in different seasons. It also means that they are flexible so long as local ingredients are available. In addition to that, your guests are more likely to enjoy food made out of fresh ingredients than that made from processed ones.

•    Do you have all the necessary equipment?

This is especially important if you will be having many guests. If, for instance, they have to bake for a hundred guests, they will need several ovens all working at once.

•    Do you have enough staff

When many people thing of staff when it comes to catering they think of servers. This is not all the staff that a caterer needs. Behind the scenes there many other people needed to make things come together.

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Event planning process can sometimes get very stressful

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event planning

Weddings are typically a time of joy and happiness, but the planning process can sometimes get very stressful. Worrying about catering and where the furniture is going to come from is bad enough, but what if it rains on your outdoor wedding? Marquees are a great alternative because you get the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the weather during your event while staying dry or out of the sun. Marquees for weddings are available to ease some of the stress of planning, and there are many styles to choose from.

Capri Marquee is a marquee hire that offers a wide variety of marquees as well as accessories such as dance floors and chairs and tables. They come in several different styles to match whatever theme you have chosen for your event. These do not have to be used for only weddings, however. They also have marquees for garden parties and other such events including work events or family reunions. Regardless of what kind of party you are planning, you can be sure they have what you are looking for.

Event-related Blogs

Party in a gardenTips for planning a garden party

Hosting a garden party can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience; getting everyone together to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening enjoying good food, drink and company in a lovely outdoor garden setting.

An event hire is a great way to condense some of the expense that comes with planning large events. Although you may want look into marquees for sale, you may just want something that you do not have to store when you are through with your party. With Capri Marquees, you can find cheap marquees as well as chair hire so that you can keep things under budget. Marquees can be used again and again, so whether you decide to hire or purchase you can be confident that they will meet your expectations.
Marquees for hire can be found at specific marquee companies that offer only furniture and marquee hire, but there may be those that offer catering hire as well. This is a question that you should ask when you first begin the planning stages, or at the very least when you make your initial contact with the marquee company. To combine catering hire with the furniture and marquee hire could make a really large impression in the company that you choose for the big day.


Marquees for venues that have no indoor location are available so that you can feel confident that decorating will be a breeze as well. There are many things to take into consideration, but with a party marquee you are sure to have seating and comfort for hundreds of guests without having to cram them in to another tight space that you have to search to find when things get a little damp.

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Here is what you should take into account while choosing a marquee hire company

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Use these tips to find a marquee company

You have an event and have decided to go with marquee hire; which company do you choose? Today, there are more marquee companies than ever before. What makes it so hard to choose is that if you look at their advertising they all say that they are the best at what they do – of course not all of them are as good as they claim. That means that you have to know what you are looking for if you want to get just the right company. Here is what you should take into account:

permit required•    Consider whether you will need a permit and whether the company you have in mind can get it for you. Many people are surprised when the police arrive at their events and ask to see a permit. Whether or not you will need one usually depends on where you live. In most places, the marquee itself does not need a permit but there are places where you will need one if you are playing music for certain audiences. If you hire wedding marquees, for instance, you will not need a permit to play music in it because you will not profit from it. If you hire a marquee from which any activities beneath it will lead to profit you will need a permit. Many companies are happy to get one for you or guide you on what to do.

•    Does the company that you have in mind have different sized marquees? You don’t want to hire a marquee bigger than your needs – you will pay for the extra space regardless. The best companies have marquees in all shapes and sizes to meet different customer needs.

•    Does the marquee company that you are thinking of hiring have a good reputation? There is nothing worse than a marquee company that does not keep its word. If they don’t turn up on time, for instance, they may end up setting up when your guests have already arrived. You should look online to see what others have to say about the services they received in the past.


•    Find out whether they will set up for you and if they will take things down (and when). If you don’t have a caterer already you should look for a marquee company that works with caterers – there are many that are happy to help their clients find someone to bring in food and drinks.


•    Lastly, find a marquee company that you can afford. As in every industry, there are some that have unnecessarily high pries. That said, don’t choose a company just because it is cheap – they could be that way because they take short cuts.

Blog Author:

Author photoWill is an event equipment hire specialist. He is the founder of a very succesful marquee hire middlesex company in north west London called Casablanca Hire. He is also a father of two beautiful girls and he often travels to his home in Yorkshire.

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Why You Should Choose a Marquee for your Wedding?

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wedding banner

You want your wedding to be memorable for you as a couple and also for your guests. One way to do this is to have a marquee wedding – it will allow you to have a wedding outdoors and you will also be able to customize it to your heart’s desire. More and more people are now choosing to have marquee weddings because they realize what an incredible event they allow. Here are the reasons why you should have a marquee wedding.

1.    You get a bespoke wedding

When you rent a hotel, you have to go with what is already there. Most hotel rooms are already decorated. If you want to pt up your own decorations then you have to take down the ones for the hotel and then put up your own. In addition to that that, the fixtures are already there – there is nothing that you can do to change doors, windows, lighting and so on. A marquee is different; it comes with dazzling white walls and nothing else. This means that you can do whatever you like in terms of decoration. You will have the wedding that you have always dreamed of.

2.    You get to have your wedding outdoors but you still have shelter should you need it

People love to be outdoors when the weather is good – what is better than having a wedding on the beach or somewhere nice and quiet in the country? That said, you sometimes need shelter; what was a nice breeze could quickly turn into a wind that upsets everything. It can even start to rain all of a sudden, or the sun could become too much for your guests to bear. When you have a marquee they can quickly take shelter.  Marquees offer you climate control. Your guests can stay under the roof if they feel that outdoors is too much to bear.

3.    You don’t host the reception at your house

For those couples that don’t have money to rent a hotel, they usually have to host the reception in their home. This can be very stressful; on top of all the hassle of preparing for the wedding, you have to get the house ready for guests and then once the reception is finished you then have to clean up. That is not what you want to be doing after the exhaustion of wedding day. A marquee allows you to walk away from it all and get back to a clean and inviting house.

4.    Marquees make weddings unique

As we said at the beginning, you want to have a wedding that will be remembered for a long time. Having it in a hotel is hardly the way to do this – after all, everyone has their reception in a hotel. Do it differently, have yours in a marquee.

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Tips for Planning a Garden Party

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Party in a garden

Tips for Planning a Garden Party
Hosting a garden party can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience; getting everyone together to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening enjoying good food, drink and company in a lovely outdoor garden setting. Still, whether you’re planning the party for friends, family, colleagues or business associates, there are a few important items to consider in order to ensure your party goes off without a hitch.

Furnishings Before Food
While there is no doubt that the food and drink should be one of the focal points of any good garden party, most party planners recommend that the first thing you should focus on is the furniture. As soon as you’ve decided on a location, you’ll then need to make sure you’ve got enough chairs, tables and furniture to comfortably house all of your guests. In some cases, this means finding a company offering chair hires if the chosen venue cannot supply the furniture.

Plan for the Weather
Nothing can spoil an outdoor party like rain, wind and bad weather. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to look into marquee hires, as you and your guests will be happy for the shelter should the weather turn sour. Not only that, but a garden marquee also helps to add a touch to elegance to the party and ensures that all of your hard work and planning doesn’t go to waste due to Mother Nature.

Start Planning Long in Advance
No matter where you live, finding a company that rents out furniture or marquees for garden parties shouldn’t be much of an issue. However, if you decide to start planning only a few weeks before your party, you may find all of them reserved. During the busy months, many of these businesses have all of their party equipment rented out months in advance. So make sure you start planning early, set a date and get everything reserved far ahead of time, or else you may find yourself left out in the cold without a chair to sit on.

The Right Lighting Can Mean Everything
If the party will be going into the evening, it’s important to consider what type of lighting you will use to keep it from slowly dwindling down as the daylight fades away. Simple white string lights are one popular choice, as are torches, candles, lamps, etc. Just make sure to choose a type of lighting that fits with the style of the occasion.

Don’t Forget the Catering
If the party is more than just a few friends or family, you may want to consider hiring a caterer to help take care of the food and serving. After all, you don’t want to spend the day slaving away in the kitchen or the evening serving when you could be out enjoying the fruits of your planning with all the rest of the guests.

Fruit Themed Garden Party Ideas
Make your garden party up with these 4 DIY ideas

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