6 Ways To Use A Small Marquee

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If you are considering whether or not you should rent a small marquee, or a bigger one, I would say that it all depends on the occasion you plan to use it for.  Depending on the on your intentions and what you plan to do with this rented to marquee, can give you a better insight whether or not to you should in fact rent it.  There are number of ways in which people use small marquees, but in the six seem to be the most common and usual ways people use small marquees.

Usually, people rent marquees for the following purposes:

  1. As Festival Stalls

Small marquees are usually used as festival stands.  Considering their weight it’s not even the hearts to imagine why.  Small marquees are very user friendly.  They can be put up in short time and it requires little effort to install them.  Furthermore they are very light, but today are also very stable.  They will protect you from the rain, and they often have windows, someday even look pretty decent and are often used at different kinds of festivals.


  1. Garage Sale

You can rent a small marquee if you are planning a garage sale.  This will help you protect your things from the rain, and any potential weather.  Also, it is very easy for you to rent a small marquee, put it up in your garden, and then once the garage sale is over, you will be able to remove it just as easily.

  1. Smaller Gatherings and Parties

Furthermore, people often rent small marquees for smaller gatherings and parties.  Especially if the weather is nice, you don’t need are huge marquee to put all your guests in it, you can just rent chairs and use marquees as food stands.

  1. Information Stall

Also in marquees are rented to be used as information stalls.  As we all now, when it comes to festivals and different kind of occasions, information stalls are used only for a brief period of time, therefore they should be easily put up, but also easily removed.  This is precisely why smaller marquees are ideal for such purposes.  Furthermore, you can transport them to any place, quickly put them up and quickly remove them.


  1. Concert

Smaller marquees are an ideal place if you want to put a band in it.  If you want to throw a party, or make a romantic evening, rent a smaller marquee and consider placing a string quartet in it to play.  The marquee will make your evening pretty amazing!


  1. Think Of The Possibilities!

I love smaller marquees because not only they are very lightweight and easily transported to even to the remote of places, but they are also so small and they can be put just about anywhere.  A small are marquee can be placed on the top of the building, somewhere in the fields, in the nature, or it even on a yacht – basically, what I’m saying it is, that renting a smaller marquee gives you a range of options and possibilities.