Catering Hire: Questions to Ask Before You Hire

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You have an event coming up and you have to hire a caterer; should you go with the first catering company that you come across or is it important to choose carefully? All caterers, after all, provide food. While that is true, not all caterers provide great food and if you don’t choose carefully, your experience with your caterer can be very stressful. Before you even consider hiring any caterer, make sure to ask the following questions:

•    Who am I meeting with?

Event catering companies have many departments so it is important for you to know who your point person is. Is it the caterer themselves, an assistant or someone else in the company? As much as possible it is always best to meet the caterer themselves. Find out whom you will be working with and make a point of meeting them; see whether you like them and if you are able to communicate with them.

•    How will the event be run?

It is very important that you know ahead of time how your event will be conducted. You want to fit the catering in with everything else so get a program from the caterer – what time will they arrive, where do they want to set up, what will the service be like and so on. If you want to change anything on the caterer’s plans you should let them know well in advance.

•    What extras can you provide for a fee and which ones are free?

There are many services that caterers provide for free – they could offer to give you a few complementary desserts for example. Find out if this kind of thing is available and make the most of it. In addition to that, there are services other than catering that they provide for a fee. Some caterers, for example, are happy to deliver and serve drinks if you pay them for it. Getting everything done by the same person means less planning for you.

•    Where do your ingredients come from?

You want a caterer who gets most of his or her ingredients locally. This means that they are fresh and that they change their menus according to what is available in different seasons. It also means that they are flexible so long as local ingredients are available. In addition to that, your guests are more likely to enjoy food made out of fresh ingredients than that made from processed ones.

•    Do you have all the necessary equipment?

This is especially important if you will be having many guests. If, for instance, they have to bake for a hundred guests, they will need several ovens all working at once.

•    Do you have enough staff

When many people thing of staff when it comes to catering they think of servers. This is not all the staff that a caterer needs. Behind the scenes there many other people needed to make things come together.